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Contracting GIS services appeals to many organizations operating in the current business environment. Both the public and the private sectors wish to improve their GIS performance. Contracting GIS services to consultants takes advantage of the portability of their collective tactical GIS experience, their programming expertise, and their contacts. 
Some organizations currently with GIS capability are having difficulty keeping up with current programming and hardware requirements. Additionally, the highly specialized GIS staff required can be problematic to establish, supervise and maintain.

Contracting GIS services to consultants can place organizations at the top of a progressive learning curve immediately, at a relatively low cost. 

1     Sustainable Forest Licensee, GIS Management 

Forest Management operations throughout Ontario require extensive GIS support. 

This GIS support includes the ongoing development of a variety of specific purpose map products, and database development. Complex annual and five-year plans are developed for all forest management operations. 

MITIG provides this type of GIS support representing a large part of Ontario. (Please see the map below) This GIS support is delivered by MITIG staff, both on-site for the client, and it is also done (remotely from the client) using leading edge telecommunications.

2     Large-scale Data Automation projects

MITIG offers map development and digitizing services to both the Provincial government and the forest industries. MITIG is accredited by the Ministry of Natural Resources OMNR) to produce the new Ontario Base Map / Forest Resource Inventories (FRI). MITIG is also approved for the Natural Resources Values Information System NRVIS) provincial automation projects. These large data bases require strong project management controls, and technical skills.  

3     Public Maps Development 

The Great Outdoor Maps  series
MITIG has developed and sells high quality, recreation-oriented maps for many regions of Ontario. The Great Outdoor Maps series depicts current land ownerships (Crown, Private, Parks, First Nations etc.) road access, fisheries, water access, and other features. These maps are available to the public for a nominal fee, and are considered a “must have” for all who enjoy the great outdoors throughout Ontario. 

To view the following samples you will need Acrobat Reader by Adobe.  You may downloaded this utility for free from the adobe web site.

Pembroke District Map

Algoma & Northshore Area Map

North Bay & Temagami Area Map

French Severn Forest Map

To see the areas covered by these maps or, locate a retailer follow this link. Retail Maps

4     Municipal Planning

MITIG has provided various mapping services for different Ontario municipalities as they develop their Official Plans, and Zoning Plans.

MITIG has developed the Official Plan Schedules for the Sudbury East Official Plan(2003), the Lake of Bays Official Plan(1998), and has done other municipal mapping for the West Nipissing Development Corporation. 

A strong link exists between the planning requirements and tools for forest management planning and municipal planning. MITIG is particularly experienced in the OBM datasets, and their manipulation.  

5    Consulting Services

MITIG provides experienced partners and staff toward many consulting.

·         Strategic Wood Supply Modeling
MITIG uses various forest management planning models (including SFMM) to examine the issues of long-term sustainable wood supplies for our clients.

·         Forest Management Planning applications on an ARC/INFO GIS
Database design, information systems design, and map preparation services for Forest Management Plans / Annual Work Schedules - including stand lists, timber volume estimates and summary tables.

·         Historic Silvicultural Records Management 
MITIG automates historical silvicultural and harvesting data into an efficient GIS database for mapping and querying.  

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